The Italian Taste

The art of Italian cooking and entertaining

Eat the Olympics

Have you read the blog eattheolympics? It is written by two Londoners: Jack Hemingway and Sarah Kemp. They have a clear goal. Try to make a recipe from every country taking part in the London 2012 Olympics. It isn’t easy. 1) At first they have to find a recipe from every country. The WEB is […]

Steve Jobs … some thoughts

I’m sorry Steve Jobs is dead. He was a great man. He could read in the technological future. He was able to understand what people would like. He liked simplicity, functionality but lifestyle too. The aesthetic choices of its technological jewels were almost always successful. He fought like a lion against the disease and for […]

Recipes with “gutter oil”

“The spicy flavor associated with gutter oil can do wonders for simple, everyday dishes. I do not understand this campaign of repression. People should be free to use any ingredient they wish ” Gutter oil? Who said  this shocking sentence? A Chinese journalist, Li Dilian, who leads a telecast on the kitchen. Recipes disclosed to […]

Milk, calcium and bones.

This morning I’ve complained to my husband. Thinking of my weekly diet in the last months I’ve realized that I had eaten  a little milk and cheeses.  My calcium reserve derives only from half a mozzarella on the top of my weekly pizza and  the rare addition of milk in sweets or mashed potatoes. My […]

Tips & tricks to make a perfect mushroom risotto

Yesterday Carlo and I wanted to eat something simple after all the dishes rich in fat and calories in the past days. I found  a package of dried mushrooms and then  made risotto with dried mushrooms. It is a great vegetarian dish without the addition of sausage. Well, why do I  speak to you about […]

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