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Eat the Olympics

Posted on | April 15, 2012 | Comments Off on Eat the Olympics

Have you read the blog eattheolympics? It is written by two Londoners: Jack Hemingway and Sarah Kemp.
They have a clear goal. Try to make a recipe from every country taking part in the London 2012 Olympics.
It isn’t easy.
1) At first they have to find a recipe from every country. The WEB is rich in recipes but most of the recipes are approximate and unreliable because  not correct. I experience it every day with the Italian recipes and Italy is my country!
2) Then they have to translate it. Very difficult task because the translators do not always translate well …  every translator has yet to learn the lesson I say … I experience it every day! 😉
Besides the language for cooking is very different from the commonly spoken language. Try it!
3) The third step, more difficult than the first two  steps … try to convert all the different  units of measurement in grams. I do the opposite, I try to convert grams to ounces, pounds, cups, tablespoons …
4) They must get all the ingredients even if I think it isn’t difficult in London, multiethnic city. But I think: how much time is necessary for every recipe?

The latest question: in the end will our heroes  be able to eat anything cooked?
I think we westerners can’t enjoy the food of very different countries … what about it?

Their goal is high and that’s why I want to wish them a great good luck.


PS. Among the other things, their logo is quite nice, the five Olympic rings are replaced by round  food … :-)


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