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The art of Italian cooking: making meat-and-tomato sauce for Bolognese lasagna

Posted on | March 26, 2010 | 1 Comment

Hi, this is the thirty first entry about the art of cooking Italian pasta.

Today we want to show you how to make Bolognese sauce, the second main ingredient to prepare Italian lasagna. We have already told you about Bolognese Sauce in two entries we have posted in the last days.
The entry posted on Tuesday, March16th, 2010 was the first dedicated to Bolognese sauce. We  wanted only to remember this sauce is one of the most famous and well known sauces outside Italy even with different names. In this post we linked the recipe page.
The entry posted on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 was dedicated to the most common mistakes people do with this sauce such as tossing spaghetti instead of tagliatelle.
Today we show you how to make this pasta sauce. You can read step-by-step instructions looking at a series of photos taken in our kitchen last Saturday evening.

[nggallery id=5]

In the first photo you can see some of the ingredients you need:
minced beef,
pancetta or bacon, cubed,
carrot, onion and celery,  finely chopped
red wine (but you can use white wine too)
meat stock
pureed tomatoes

Well, you have to chop finely the bacon and saute in a pan for few minutes (you must not add any oil or butter!), stirring frequently, on low heat. (Second and third photo)

Then add the vegetables and stir. Keep on stirring frequently for few minutes. (Fourth and fifth photo)

At this point add the minced beef and stir. Keep on cooking for few minutes. (Sixth and seventh photo)

Pour in the wine and stir. Bring to the boil again and let the wine evaporate partially. (Eighth and ninth photo)

Now add the pureed tomatoes and meat stock. Stir, lower the heat and keep on cooking, half-covered, until the cooking juice is reduced. At this point add other hot meat stock. If you want you can use milk.

You can cook Bolognese sauce for at least 2 hours. So if you want to make Bolognese lasagna you’d prepare the sauce 1 day ahead.

The sauce is ready. (Tenth photo)

For more details read the recipe in this page.

Tomorrow we are going to tell you how to make the layers in the pan and bake the most famous lasagna dish.

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Greetings from Italy

Carlo & Loretta


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