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Eat the Olympics

Posted on | April 15, 2012 | Comments Off on Eat the Olympics

Have you read the blog eattheolympics? It is written by two Londoners: Jack Hemingway and Sarah Kemp.
They have a clear goal. Try to make a recipe from every country taking part in the London 2012 Olympics.
It isn’t easy.
1) At first they have to find a recipe from every country. The WEB is rich in recipes but most of the recipes are approximate and unreliable because  not correct. I experience it every day with the Italian recipes and Italy is my country!
2) Then they have to translate it. Very difficult task because the translators do not always translate well …  every translator has yet to learn the lesson I say … I experience it every day! 😉
Besides the language for cooking is very different from the commonly spoken language. Try it!
3) The third step, more difficult than the first two  steps … try to convert all the different  units of measurement in grams. I do the opposite, I try to convert grams to ounces, pounds, cups, tablespoons …
4) They must get all the ingredients even if I think it isn’t difficult in London, multiethnic city. But I think: how much time is necessary for every recipe?

The latest question: in the end will our heroes  be able to eat anything cooked?
I think we westerners can’t enjoy the food of very different countries … what about it?

Their goal is high and that’s why I want to wish them a great good luck.


PS. Among the other things, their logo is quite nice, the five Olympic rings are replaced by round  food … :-)

Where to eat at Mantua: Il Tiratappi

Posted on | March 26, 2012 | Comments Off on Where to eat at Mantua: Il Tiratappi

Sunday evening . The whole day spent in Verona at Vinitaly. Seen and learned a lot, to share with you on next days.
Returned to Mantua, Carlo and I were hungry. The evening before, while reaching the Hosteria Leon d’Oro,  we had seen  another little restaurant: Il Tiratappi.

eating at Mantova

Italian restaurant reviews

We already knew the way to the restaurant: easy option and then our fatigue was so much …  what would you have done?

Il Tiratappi is a nice, little restaurant in an old building whose chef and owner is from Sicily.
Sorry, but there is no website. You have to read our review.
So Carlo and I ate both traditional Mantua and Sicilian recipes.
My menu: prawns in potato crust,  pasta with stracotto sauce and almond granita with warm Pan Brioche. All mouth-watering!
My husband’s menu: Mantua salami with grilled polenta, the same pasta dish and a caramelized apple pie. He was very satisfied too!

We paired our menu with Sicilian wines. White Etna for me and red Etna for Carlo.
Do you know the best thing? They served only a glass of wine … in other words you are not obliged to order the whole bottle!

You can find Il Tiratappi restaurant here: Piazza Leon Battista Alberti n.30 tel 0376 322366 – Mantova

The bill? more or less the same of the previous evening.
Read more on our previous evening and  Hosteria del Leon d’Oro.

Carlo & Loretta

Where to eat at Mantua (Mantova): Hosteria Leon d’Oro

Posted on | March 26, 2012 | Comments Off on Where to eat at Mantua (Mantova): Hosteria Leon d’Oro

Carlo and I  were  in Mantua last week end. Mantua is  the nearest place  to Verona, where we could find free hotel rooms. It was  impossibile in  Verona. Vinitaly attracts  many visitors who booked in advance. Unlike us, of course!

restaurants in Mantova

Italian restaurant reviews

Saturday night we had a walk through its historic center. We think it is a stately, elegant city apart from the historical and artistic value. So if you are planning a trip in Italy our tip is to reserve a couple of days for it.
Among the many restaurants located in the center we chose one that had a very intriguing menu card exposed outside.
Its name? Hosteria Leon d’Oro (Via Leon d’Oro 6 Tel 338 124 23 11)
The restaurant is very cozy and suggestive. Suspended in time between past and present. Soft lights  create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The service is good. Friendliness and attention are its features.
But the most important is its menu card.  The owners are very careful with  modern nutrition, and so you can find a range of proposals from  Sicilian to Mantua kitchen, and then  fish, meat  or vegan dishes.
All that we ate tasted fantastic!
My menu: little polenta serving (made with pumpkin too) on creamy gorgonzola sauce garnished with hazelnuts, Mantua risotto with sausage and a chocolate cake …. very, very good!
My husband’ menu: assorted Italian and Mantua salami, Mantua risotto and the same cake.
We paired these tasty dishes with organic Lambrusco without sulfites.

Not cheap at all: little more than 70,00 €.

Carlo & Loretta


No sponsor on our website

Posted on | January 27, 2012 | Comments Off on No sponsor on our website

Have you read about Paula Deen, the television host  famous for her recipes? a triumph of butter and sugar, fried and fatty food gushing from all sides …

Some time ago she did coming out.  She has been suffering from diabetes for three years.
Why hasn’t she say anything  before?
Obvious. She just had to look for sponsors to continue her television program.
And then she turned her illness into business. Everything is business. Everything for money.

Probably her son  will create his own business empire on the “misfortune” of his mother by offering healthy foods.

Moral? It is not gold all that glitters …

Beware of those who have experienced sponsors.  They  can not be free to say and do what they  know or believe to be more correct and healthier about food.
It’s the death of freedom!

We really wanted to think about that with you, our readers.
Our site does not and will never have any sponsor.
Be sure. You’ll never read we are  glorifying a food or an industrial product that does not convince us or we  know it is not healthy.
It’s true that our site contains advertising but it is advertising that we do not control and that doesn’t  control us. On the other hand we must earn at least to recoup the costs.

We are and always will be free to communicate honestly with  our readers.

Carlo & Loretta

A Sunday menu for October

Posted on | October 7, 2011 | Comments Off on A Sunday menu for October

Assorted appetizer platter

Zucchini blossom flan

Today I want to report our menu especially  suited for this first half of October when the market gives us the first products  of autumn and the last summer crops from the gardens.

From zucchini blossom to pumpkin

Beans, squash blossoms, radishes, red cabbage, walnuts, mushrooms, grapes and pumpkin … what do you think?

That’s a menu easy to do with some dishes you can  prepare  the day before.
If you have guests next Sunday,  take a peek and let us know what you think about.

Greetings from Italy


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